Friday, May 13, 2011

New Years Eve Olympics 2010

Me & My Love: Italy
(our Honeymoon spot)
By the way, we were venetian Gondoliers.

Every New Years, we have a family tradition of playing the New Years Olympics! We look forward to it all year long. We each choose a county, dress up, bring a food dish representing our country and bring a few fun "minute to win it type games" to play. Here and here are the previous years. Love New Years!!! This year was extra fun!

Our New Family of Five!

Mini Me

Jake & Kim: Thailand
(their honeymoon spot)

Drew & Elise: Switzerland
(Drew's family currently lives there)

Tom & Kait: Greece
(Just because...)

Ryan & Britt: Fiji
(their Honeymoon spot)
*Best All out Costumes!!

Brett & Julia: El Salvador
(Just because they didn't have his Argentina flag, it was still in Oregon)

Derek & Britt: Cal Berkeley
Representing Derek's current school in the USA

The Spread

Flag Sugar Cookies representing each Country in the Games!

In true New Years Olympic tradition, we always start off the games with a rousing game of Around-the-World Ping Pong!
The classic Gummy Bear Toss, where you had to see how many bears your partner could catch in their mouth...Elise was shockingly good at this game!

For this game you had to see how many times you could drop the ping pong ball on the bottle and have it land on the top without falling. We were very serious about these games!!!

The Elephant March: You need to knock over all the cans the fastest.

Funniest Game: Bobble Head!! With a pedometer on your head you compete to get the highest number on your pedometer in one minute. Hilarious!

The stroke of midnight!

iPhone Photo Download: Take 1

All I do is stare at this face all day long...lucky me! I'm obsessed!

I just love these kiddos...they are my whole world!

Surfing with Daddy

Moving adorable is this box?

9 months, you kind of forget how big you got until you look back! But I don't care, I love it because my sweet angel baby was in there!

Drew's AMAZING show, playing with the weepies! Love my Parlor Hawk!

my crazy girl

Love that face!

So funny, she looks way too little to know what she is doing on a computer!

Water Break

Oh yes...I am posting Halloween Pumpkin Patch photos, what?