Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On St. Patrick's Day...Jade turned 3!!!

Her Birthday Breakfast request...no surprise, it was Purple Crepes!!! And don't worry, Micah and the rest of us got green crepes, tis the season! Well, she felt very special when we sang to her and gave her her tray full of purple crepes, and you know what, she is...very, very special! Love my girl!

Jade anxiously awaiting "Birthday Breakfast in Bed"

Asher in the morning!
We made a trap together, hopefully to trap a leprechaun, but no luck, maybe next year! The kids had fun coloring a rainbow in there and laying out some chocolate gold coins to lure the sneaky little guy into the trap. We also went to Micah's fun preschool party, where he impressively preformed and irish jig! I have it on video, I'll post it if I ever learn how to, it's pretty adorable! And the highlight of the day, believe it or not was the fact that a leprechaun used our potty and forgot to flush so it was all green (food coloring). They couldn't stop talking about it!