Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Big Bear Family Trip

In December, Mitch's family took a family trip up to Big Bear.  We had so much fun together and one of my favorite things was watching Jade and Micah in the snow, they dream of snow, so this was heaven for them.  Micah snowboarded for the first time ever.  He picked it up so fast and he really loved it! There are like probably a hundred photos because I just love them all and I so rarely get to see the kids in the snow or snow clothes and I just love it!

Getting geared up for his day on the mountain!

Asher's first time ever touching snow, he thought it was cool for about 3 seconds and then HATED it the rest of the entire trip...better luck next time!


And totally dying over how adorable Jade looked all dressed up!

My second and last attempt at "playing in the snow" with Asher!

He just wanted to be inside all cozy or bundled up in my arms!

Or in his Mimi's Arms!

Jade was asking Daddy if she could take a turn...

...And he said Yes!  She just did a tiny slope at the bottom of the hill a few times but she was fearless and thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Asher was too cold and had to go back to the cabin with Mimi.

We love Drew & Elise

The next day we went tubing together, it wasn't steep or crazy enough for us so the boys tried to run and push and liven it up for us!

And they must have done something right because Blake totally ripped his pants, that is some extreme tubing!
The cute couple, Melis and Brady riding up the tubing escalator.

Not even tubing by herself would help Jade get over the devastation of Elise dropping her precious snowball that she was suppose to guard with her life.


Then we decided to go down the Alpine slide.  It was super fun and the kiddos loved it!

Our sweet Asher just hanging out in the nice, warm cabin.  The rest of the photos were taken by Elise...thanks Elise!

Sisters shot

Trying to break the ice

We happened to be there over Micah's birthday so we had a little family party for him!

Love babies in the jammies in the morning!