Sunday, October 9, 2011


Yes, I am posting about Easter in big deal! Just a little behind! Anyway, here are our sweet little bunny rabbits enjoying another fun Easter! Easter is actually one of Micah's favorite holidays, if not his very favorite strictly because of the Easter Egg Hunts! He loves games and the easter egg hunt is like a huge game to him! He loves it! Looks forward to it every year! To keep him happy year round, we do a lot of other little hunts around the house, like hiding his dinosaur toys and sending him on a hunt. He loves it!
The Easter Baskets

The Hunt

The Bunnies

Kitchen Love

One of our favorite things to do together is cook in the kitchen! My kids as well as myself have all gained this love of cooking from my brilliant mother! So, thanks for all the memories, recipes and fun! There will be many more to come! My kids keep little aprons at my mom's house too because they know that whenever they visit they get to work in the kitchen with their Gigi! One of our favorite things to make...soft pretzels! They are insanely delicious, the recipe is right here on my recipe blog...see how much fun they are having!!! Love that enthusiasm!