Monday, July 26, 2010

8 Years and Counting!

Mitch and I celebrated our 8 year Anniversary a few days ago. (How did that happen?) We stayed down in San Diego for the weekend. It was so much fun, it felt like a real vacation. I felt like we are tourists and newlyweds all over again!
In our hotel room...

We walked around the Gas Lamp District, it's such a lively and fun area. Can't wait to go back.

We didn't know it but Comic Con was going on and so walking around we saw some CRAZY characters, so that was entertaining, and on top of that, they were giving out free popsicles. So we had a rocket pop an tried to finish it quick enough to get the Ben & Jerry's ice cream bars. Sounds good about now!

We went to the Elton John concert and brought a blanket and laid out on the grass under the stars. It was so fun, we had such a great time. We were super shocked at Elton's fan base. We expected to see lots of older married couples- instead we saw huge groups of tattooed 20-year olds screaming, dancing and singing word for word every single song! What?

So Charming!

So, we were taking a pictures when all of a sudden some crazy "lovers" jumped in the shot!

There they are again, this was our view for a portion of the concert...

We stayed in a hotel right next to Sea Port Village. It is such an adorable little place. We walked around, listened to live music, ate caramel apples and just talked.
The couple above was "dancing" but the man was more like twitching than dancing...pure entertainment!

We stayed here and talked to this guy about his birds and Mitch held the bird for at least 40 minutes. I was pretty sure we were going to leave with a commitment to adopt an abused Macaw. I think it was a close call.
And then our camera died and so for the rest of our little trip we just have our memories. It was so fun to get away together. I can't believe it has been eight years, I have seriously loved every single moment of our time together so far and I feel like the luckiest person alive. It has been a dream, better than I could have imagined and I could not ask for more! I can't believe I get to be with him forever! Can't wait for tomorrow and the next day and the next!

Pregnancy Cravings

So, this is me...everyday! Tired, no make-up, and laying on the couch while eating frosted mini-wheats! Mitch made this mixing bowl for me because all our cereal bowls were in the dishwasher. So, he took a picture documenting me during this pregnancy! I must have at least one huge bowl of frosted mini-wheats daily!

P.S. And yes, as you can see, the kiddos begging for little bites on the side...why is it that my cereal always tastes better to them than their own?